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4 Week Meal Plan

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All the Work Done for You!

For Diabetes Reversal and Weight Loss

  1. Shopping List\2,
  2. Customizable Weekly Planner
  3. 286 Recipes
   4. Cooking Tips
   5. Food Guide
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What You Can Achieve...

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Reduce or Eliminate Diabetes Medications

Get your best A1C ever with insulin sensitizing delicious meals.

Let go of lifelong drug dependance.

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Get Down to Your Ideal Weight FAST

Tired of failing to achieve your weight goal. Find out how to


All while increasing your longevity, energy, and mental clarity.

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Eliminate the Guesswork and Confusion

Let's face it.  All the conflicting information on diabetes nutrition is overwhelming

This guide will prove

eating to reverse diabetes is simple. 

And you'll never be bored with your food or feel lost in the kitchen.

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