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My Story


Even before I started my Physician Associate career in 2017, teaching the power of healthy lifestyle choices has always been my passion.


After seeing hundreds of patients (my wife included) suffer the many complications of diabetes, I understood medications can only go so far. I have also seen many patients (my wife included) unlock the power of healthy lifestyle choices to reverse this debilitating disease.


It is my lifelong goal to coach anyone suffering from diabetes (type 2, or prediabetes) to find the freedom and longevity that comes from reversing this illness for good.

Those living with type 1 diabetes can learn to lower their insulin needs and live life to the fullest!


M.S. Physician Assistant Studies

(Univ Of Charleston, W.V.)

  • 5+ years managing diabetes and many other chronic metabolic dysfunctions.

B.A. Theology

(Southern Adventist University)

  • 18+ Counseling on connecting the mind to a Power Greater than oneself. Teaching to overcome harmful habits/addictions. Guidance on living life more abundantly.

15 plus years:

  • Home Health Educator

  • Motivational Speaker

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