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Hi, I'm Lewis Bertus PA-C


I help people suffering from Type II Diabetes and Pre-diabetes

to use a Plant Based Diet and Healthy Lifestyle choices to

Reverse Diabetes and Eliminate Medications!


I also help people suffering from Type 1 Diabetes to use a

Plant Based Diet and Healthy Lifestyle choices to

Reduce Insulin Dependance and Increase Longevity!

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Other Health Benefits

Lose Weight!

Increase Energy!

Boost Mental Clarity!

Reverse & Prevent Kidney / Liver Disease!

Lower Blood Pressure & Cholesterol Levels!

In A 4 Step Plan...


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Other Success Stories

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For more inspiring stories watch my YouTube series linked below



I would love to uncover your needs, challenges, and goals. This is a 45 minute session to find out if my services are right for you!

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